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Frontend Sales
Full Time
USD 0.0 - 0.0 / hr
0 applicants
posted about 2 years ago

Job Type

Sales Representative

Job Description

Experience: 5-6 years overall experience, with a min. of 2 years in front end sales 


1.Cold call to generate leads for end customers (SME and large corporates, across domains and verticals), and bring in new customers to IonIdea. 

2.Hunting profile; should have existing personal contacts/ ex-business relationships that they can utilize to generate business. 

3.Must be articulate and have great customer profiling and presentation skills. 

4.Needs to have experience with deal/ pricing negotiation and ability to close. 

5.Will be required to demonstrate past achievement of sales quotas. 

6.Should have held and met yearly revenue targets of at least USD 0.5 Million over the last 2 years. 

Essential Skills: 

1.Understanding of US geography and key IT domain employers 

2.Ability to convey information about service lines/ delivery 

3.Cold-calling & Deal closing skills 

4.Pitching staff augmentation/ other professional services 

5.Client relationship & account management 

Desired Skills: 

1.Understanding of US tax terms 

2.Understanding of technical recruiting cycle and visa types 

3.Understanding of market rates for various IT skill sets 

4.Presentation skills, creating decks using Powerpoint 

Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Should have had stable work history and not too many gaps or quick leaps career wise.